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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Trials are the most expensive and emotionally exhausting form of resolving family law issues. Fortunately, there are other ways to resolve issues between parties with the aid of third parties, to provide objectivity and fairness.

It often makes sense to go through mediation as the starting point to reaching a fair settlement during a separation, prior to setting matters for trial or going through expensive discovery process. A mutual agreed-upon mediator can provide a professional, compassionate, fair, and objective process to reach a resolution between conflicted spouses. Spouses meet in the comfort of an office environment, in the presence of their lawyers, and discuss their case with a mediator, rather than fighting in court.

If mediation is not appropriate, the spouses can choose to go through a binding dispute resolution process before a judge, where oral evidence isn’t required (so the spouses do not need to testify), and the evidence is provided in document form. Both sides are presented by their lawyers, and ruling is made by the presiding judge.   This process eliminates the delay, stress, and expense of a trial. At the same time, it gives the parties a binding decision on their issues from a judge.

We have experience with these dispute resolution mechanisms and will assist you through the
process if they are necessary on your file.

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