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Drug Offence Lawyer in Calgary

Drug Possession • Trafficking • Drug Production


Our office is well-versed in handling drug offence related cases. We have defended cases ranging from production of marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, drug trafficking in all types of substances including heroine and prescription medications, importation charges, and in more complex cases, large scale conspiracies. We have often been retained on proceeds cases, including seizures of large sums of money that are alleged to have been obtained by drug trafficking. Many of these cases involve additional charges regarding possession of weapons. A detailed approach to defending these cases is vital to achieving any success for clients.

A conviction on even a relatively minor drug crime can carry lasting and serious implications.  The potential for severe penalties in significant drug trafficking or importation charge is immediately evident. The reality is that drug charges demand the attention of experienced and effective legal counsel with the tools and resources to build a creative and sophisticated defence.

Experience Matters: Trusted Drug Possession Defense Backed by Years of Legal Expertise

We have the experience and know-how to challenge and exclude the evidence collected against you by the state, including search warrants, wiretaps and surveillance.  Such exclusion of evidence, collapses the state’s case against you.  As respected leaders in trial advocacy for our clients, we can make constitutional challenges to your arrest and protect your rights at every stage.

Even if you are facing a relatively minor fine for drug possession of a controlled substance or a minimum jail sentence, it is important to realize that a drug conviction can have unexpected consequences. It can affect where you work, where you live, and where you are allowed to travel.

Our defence team is meticulous in the preparation of cases for trial. We have the resources including those involving:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Drug Possession Offences
  • Drug Possession for Trafficking Offences
  • Drug Trafficking Offences
  • Drug Production Offences
  • Drug Importing

From investigation and locating witnesses, to interviewing witnesses and developing effective Charter and Constitutional challenges to arrests, searches, and possession issues, our experience has taught us that an aggressive approach is necessary for the successful defence of a drug-related charge.  We will defend your charges utilizing our knowledge of the law, while protecting and preserving all your rights.

We can pick apart a Crown’s case point by point, and shred the testimonies of the law enforcement agents, to ultimately acquit you in even the most trying circumstances.

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