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Practice Areas for Criminal Law

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Drug Charges

We have defended Drug offence cases ranging from production, to simple possession of cocaine and ecstasy, trafficking in all forms, including prescription drugs, and a variety of other charges. We promise to help you navigate the legal complexities of any drug charge you may be faced with.

Assault Charges

Assault can be defined as “the intentional application of force to a person without their consent”. Thus, assault charges can be laid in a wide variety of situations. Mr. Mahoney promises to offer a strong defence against such ambiguous charges.

Murder/ Culpable Homicide

Police, Prosecutors and Judges take Murder and other violent crimes very seriously. Who better than a former Crown prosecutor to ensure that you are given the defence you are entitled to.

Sexual Assault

A sexual assault allegation has extremely serious consequences on the life of an accused person. You may face social stigma, financial hardship, and immeasurable stress. Our experienced and strong legal representation promise to minimize the stress and, more importantly, will prepare a top-notch quality defence so that you do not have to fight this charge alone.

Weapons Offences

When formally charging a person with a weapons offence, the Crown has to determine whether the weapon is one defined specifically in the Criminal Code as a restricted or prohibited weapon or might be considered a potential weapon depending upon how it was used in regards to the offence. Our experience in both defending, and prosecuting weapons offences will provide you with unique legal perspective throughout your case.

Quasi- Criminal Prosecutions

While only the federal government may pass criminal laws in Canada, all levels of  government (federal, provincial, municipal) can and do enforce a wide variety of regulatory laws, many of which include substantial fines for individual offenders, organizations, and corporate officers / directors, and penal consequences (jail time) for the those involved. Mr. Mahoney promises effective legal representation, to ensure you are fully represented.

Bail Hearings & Reviews

If you have been changed with an offense and require a bail lawyer in the Calgary area, we can help provide the essential representation to help protect you. Get the legal Advice and Representation you need.


when it comes to robbery, Alberta criminal law takes a variety of factors into account such as first or subsequent offences or whether or not you were armed. Mr. Mahoney knows your rights, and promises to offer you complete support every step of the way.

Break & Enter

Breaking and entering is a criminal charge with a number of variations in Alberta, and therefore a number of punishments. Darren Mahoney is experienced with the criminal law surrounding these offences and the correct way to handle the proceedings.


Fraud charges can vary greatly depending on the details of your case, such as the value of the crime committed, the number of those affected and the intention of the accused. Mr. Mahoney’s immense experience, and overwhelming success rate in dealing with fraud charges, may offer you some peace of mind throughout your trial.

Impaired Driving

When you cannot risk the chance losing your license or with getting a criminal record, trust a former Crown Prosecutor to help you win your case! We are a firm built on the foundation of significant trial success.

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