Cohabitation & Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can help give you peace of mind and provide financial certainty now and in the future. Without one, your marriage is governed by Alberta laws like the Matrimonial Property Act. Kay Mahoney Koustov Law has extensive experience with prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements.

A cohabitation agreement is like a prenuptial agreement. It allows a couple that chooses to live together (rather than marry) to make decisions about their financial future if they separate ways. It can protect your home in the event of a separation.

Cohabitation agreements offer a proactive approach for couples to set out their financial obligations to each other while living together. They provide clarity on your rights and a clean separation in the event of a breakdown of your relationship.

A nuptial agreement is created either before or after a couple gets married as a means to settle their affairs and assets if they separate or divorce and assist with estate planning. We prepare and guide you through these agreements to negotiate a fair separation and to protect your property. Such agreements are intended to protect your financial future and assets. They provide a predetermined property division and any support obligations in the event of a separation or divorce.

A lawyer who picks up the phone

You need a lawyer who takes the time to understand your situation and goals. Someone who is available to talk to you and will reply to emails quickly. We make sure you get that level of service throughout the process, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Adding complicated legal jargon to an already stressful situation isn’t helpful. We’ll communicate with you in plain English and save the legal language for legal documents.

Keeping costs under control

We start by weighing costs against benefits and continue to do this at every step of the process. Because we assign tasks to the right people at the right seniority and skill levels, you aren’t paying higher fees unnecessarily.

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